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Eye Exams and Contact Lenses in Bluefield, West Virginia


Our Comprehensive Eyecare Services Include:

Primary Eye Care: We will thoroughly evaluate your vision care needs and provide thoughtful guidance and recommendations. The refractive status of your eyes is evaluated as well as the general eye health of your eyes. Often general systemic health problems such as diabetes and hypertension can be diagnosed during a comprehensive eye exam. Diagnose, treat and manage ocular disease including glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration with the latest advanced vision technology resulting in a comprehensive, accurate diagnosis & professional recommendation. Prescribe medications to treat infections, glaucoma, allergies, and any other problems affecting the eye.
Glasses and Contact Lenses: Visit the Fashion Optical Boutique in our facility to choose from a wide variety of designer frames & lenses designed for all ages. One of the largest selections available in the Bluefield area. We also carry a wide selection of sunglasses including Maui Jim.
Co-Management Services: Our Professional relationship with several eye surgeons in the area allow us to provide you with latest and most technologically advanced cataract surgery available anywhere with the convenience of staying right here at home.
LASIK Consultant: Have you been considering laser correction? Let our trained professionals guide you through this critical decision and options available. We are a TLC affiliated doctor for pre-operative and post-operative lasik surgery.
Emergencies: Foreign body Removal (metal, wood, etc.), scratched cornea, sudden vision loss, etc. Vision Therapy: Vision therapy is a non-surgical treatment for numerous common visual problems. It is generally highly effective and can be used for crossed eyes, lazy eye, tracking problems, convergence insufficiency, and some reading and learning disabilities. Fitting the newest technology and specialty contact lenses for a variety of vision problems.
Infant Eye Care: As participants and members of the InfantSEE eye program for your baby, we care about your baby's vision. The program offers a one time no cost eye and vision exam for babies 6–12 months old. Just call us and we will arrange an appointment.
Contact us and see how much we care for your eyes with a new eye exam in Bluefield, West Virginia.